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Masonic Freemason Collectible Gifts Detailed Gift Boxed

  • 1899

Give a gift any Freemason is sure to appreciate with these Masonic Collectible Gifts. Each piece is highly detailed and features symbols from the Freemason fraternity. The Square & Compass Knife (5-1/2"L, folded, with a 3-3/8" blade) unfolds to look like the square and compass symbol. The Pocket Watch (2"W x 3"L, with a 14"L chain) makes a handsome accessory. Includes button-cell battery. The Pen (5-1/2"L) is perfect for a desktop and writes in black ink. The Pocketknife (4-3/4"L, folded, with a 3-1/4" blade) features a stainless steel blade. Each item comes in a gift box. All, metal.  Proudly display on your desktop.  Quality design with exquisite detailing.




Square & Compass Knife, 5-1/2"L, folded, with a 3-3/8" blade

Pocket Watch, 2"W x 3"L, with a 14"L chain

Battery operated

Pen, 5-1/2"L

Black ink

Pocketknife, 4-3/4"L, folded, with a 3-1/4" blade


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