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Parent Grandparent Sentiment Mugs "That's What We're Made of"

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These That's What We're Made of Mugs shows a special person in your life how important they are to you. Each mug has a black handle and interior. Features a long sentiment on the front and a short sentiment on the back. 18 oz. Ceramic. Dishwasher and microwave safe.  Start their day with a loving sentiment.

Grandpa: "What grandpas are made of...hands to guide, family pride, giant bear hugs, grand heart tugs, mischief maker, ball game taker, tales from the past, memories to love, wisdom to teach, always in reach, strength in his arms, magical charms, life that inspires, hero to admire, endless love, a gift from above."

Mom: "What moms are made of...patience to guide, inspiration and pride, goodnight hugs, heartstrings to tug, worry and care, always there, teacher and fan, cheers of 'you care', giver of life, strength and strife, feel better kisses, high hopes and wishes, life's greatest role, gives heart and soul, eternal love, a gift from above."

Dad: "What dads are made of...strong hands to guide, courage and pride, giant bear hugs, gentle heart tugs, best coach and fan, a family man, protector of own, provider of home, shoulders for riding, ears for confiding, advice and good sense, rules dispensed, infinite love, a gift from above."

Grandma: "What grandmas are made of...hope and pride, pure joy inside, warm hugs & kisses, shooting star wishes, hands to hold, heart of gold, kindness and care, affection to share, faith and trust, spoiling a must, patience and time, attention all mine, endless love, a gift from above."




18 oz.


Dishwasher and microwave safe

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