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Patio Deck Balcony Half Umbrella Canopy Shade Round Rectangle Crank Aluminum

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The Half Umbrella Collection gives you the shade you want, even in tight spaces. The Half Rectangular Umbrella (89"W x 54"D x 99"H) or the Half Round Umbrella (104"W x 55"D x 92-1/4"H) saves space without sacrificing shade and fits nicely on a balcony or small patio. The shape allows you to set either umbrella against a wall, conveniently cooling off small or awkwardly shaped areas. Both umbrellas easily crank open. Polyester outdoor material, aluminum pole and steel. Place either umbrella into the cold cast ceramic and metal Half-Moon Base (19-3/8"W x 12-3/8"D x 12-3/8"H).(BASE IS A SEPARATE ITEM AND NOT INCLUDED)  Provides shade without requiring the space of a full umbrella.  Perfect for small patios and balconies.




Half Rectangular Umbrella, 89"W x 54"D x 99"H

Half Round Umbrella, 104"W x 55"D x 92-1/4"H

Polyester, steel and aluminum

Half-Moon Base, 19-3/8"W x 12-3/8"D x 12-3/8"H

Cold cast ceramic and metal

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