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Subway Tile Backsplash 3 x 6 Set of 25 Kitchen Bathroom Tiles Easy Clean White Black Bronze

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Add value to your home by installing a Set of 25 Subway Backsplash Tiles. These tiles will transform the wall over your kitchen sink or stove into an easy-to-clean surface. The set comes with an adhesive that's easy to apply and works on any clean, flat surface. The tiles are thick and durable, yet can easily be cut by scoring with a utility knife. Clear instructions included. Buy as many sets as needed to cover your space. 6"W x 3"L, each. Polypropylene and aluminum.  Value-priced home improvement.


6"W x 3"L, each

Polypropylene and aluminum


How Many Boxes Do You Need?

The universal standard for backsplashes is around 18" high. Measure your backsplash from the top of the counter to underneath the upper cabinets.

Use the chart as a basic guide for how many boxes of 6" x 3"  tiles you will need for your project. Each box of 25 tiles covers 3 sq ft.

The HEIGHT column on the left refers to the backsplash measurement, and the STRAIGHT LINEAR WIDTH columns refer to the overall length of the backsplash you need to cover with tile.

Always round up to the next box quantity to ensure you will have enough tiles.

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